PUBG: How to Get Scrap

In PUBG, scrap is a valuable resource used for various in-game purposes, including purchasing items and upgrading equipment. Here’s how you can acquire scrap in PUBG:

Opening Crates

One of the primary ways to obtain scrap is by opening crates. Crates can be obtained through various means, such as completing missions, leveling up, or purchasing them with G-Coin. When you open crates, you have a chance to receive scrap along with other items.

Scrap Broker

PUBG introduced the Scrap Broker feature, allowing players to directly purchase schematics using scrap. From the main screen, navigate to the Hideout and then select Scrap Broker. Here, you can exchange scrap for schematics, providing a direct method to obtain valuable items.

Premium Scrap Coupons

Players can also acquire scrap through premium scrap coupons, which can be obtained by completing certain tasks or purchasing them using in-game currency. These coupons can then be redeemed for scrap, allowing players to accumulate scrap without relying solely on luck from crate openings.

By utilizing these methods, PUBG players can effectively gather scrap to enhance their gaming experience and acquire valuable items.

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