PUBG Scrap: The Ultimate PUBG Scrap Guide

In PUBG, scrap is a valuable resource used to acquire various in-game items, including weapon skins, armor, and other enhancements. Here’s how you can obtain and effectively use scrap in PUBG:

Dismantle Duplicate Items: One of the primary ways to get scrap is by dismantling duplicate items from your inventory. This helps in converting excess items into useful scrap.

Complete Missions: Some in-game missions and events offer scrap as a reward. Prioritize these missions to accumulate scrap without spending money.

Purchasing Crates with G-Coin: You can buy crates using G-Coin, which sometimes yield scrap. However, this method can be costly, as purchasing sufficient G-Coin to obtain significant scrap might not be the most economical option.

Inventory Management: Regularly manage your inventory to keep track of items that can be dismantled. Efficient inventory management ensures you maximize your scrap yield.

Crafting Essential Items: Use scrap to craft essential items like weapon attachments and armor. This strategic use of scrap can enhance your gameplay experience and provide a competitive edge.

By following these strategies, you can effectively gather and utilize scrap in PUBG to improve your in-game performance and aesthetics.