The Day Before Developer Reveals SCAM

In a shocking turn of events, a volunteer developer from The Day Before has come forward, exposing the game’s deceptive practices and branding it as a colossal letdown. The saga of The Day Before unfolds as the game, initially touted as an open-world post-apocalyptic MMO akin to The Last of Us, proves to be a poorly executed extraction shooter marred by bugs, glitches, and subpar animations. The disparity between the promised content in trailers and actual gameplay led to widespread accusations of the game being a scam, prompting a deluge of negative reviews. Fntastic, the studio behind The Day Before, eventually pulled the game from sale and announced its closure.

Behind the Scenes Chaos Revealed

A former volunteer, identified as RobWolfB, served as the community manager assistant and head moderator on the game’s Discord. Expressing regret, RobWolfB disclosed the lack of compensation for what should have been a paid position. Volunteers, bound by non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that included personal information and social media details, faced mistreatment and noticed inconsistencies between trailers and the actual game.

RobWolfB’s revelations shed light on the deceptive practices within the development process. Volunteers, including RobWolfB, received minimal rewards, such as virtual currency and game keys, despite contributing substantial effort. The disgruntled developer expressed hope for refunds for deceived players and even suggested the possibility of legal action against the studio.

The Unraveling Debacle

The fallout from The Day Before’s catastrophic launch continues, with Steam capitalizing on the situation by offering a ‘The Day After’ survival game bundle. Fntastic’s closure and the game’s removal from Steam underline the financial failure and mismanagement behind the scenes. The studio, claiming to have invested years of effort, resources, and man-hours, now faces an uncertain future for both The Day Before and Propnight.

As the gaming community grapples with the aftermath, The Day Before stands as one of the industry’s strangest debacles—a five-year endeavor met with four days of infamy.

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