PUBG: How to Get Artisan Tokens

Artisan Tokens are valuable in PUBG as they allow players to access exclusive rewards and benefits. Here’s how you can obtain Artisan Tokens in the game:

Obtaining artisan tokens varies from getting schematics and secret basement keys.

Complete Missions

PUBG regularly introduces missions and challenges for players to complete. By successfully fulfilling these objectives, players can earn Artisan Tokens as rewards. Keep an eye on the mission tab and actively participate in events to maximize your token earnings.

Participate in Events

PUBG frequently hosts events and tournaments where players can compete against each other. Some of these events offer Artisan Tokens as prizes for top performers or participants. Stay updated on PUBG’s official announcements and participate in events to have a chance at earning tokens.

Complete Challenges

Certain challenges within PUBG may offer Artisan Tokens upon completion. These challenges often require players to achieve specific in-game objectives or milestones. Check the challenge section regularly and aim to accomplish the tasks to earn additional tokens.

Purchase with In-Game Currency

In some cases, players may have the option to purchase Artisan Tokens using in-game currency, such as BP or Silver Fragments. Check the in-game store or redemption section to see if Artisan Tokens are available for purchase and acquire them using the specified currency.

By leveraging these methods, PUBG players can accumulate Artisan Tokens to unlock exclusive rewards and enhance their gaming experience.

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