PUBG: How to Get Schematics

In PUBG, schematics are crucial for upgrading progressive skins, but acquiring them can be challenging. Here’s how to get schematics:

Opening Contraband Crates: Contraband crates are one of the primary sources of schematics. These crates contain a variety of items, including schematics, which can be obtained by opening them.

Salvaging Progressive Skins: Salvaging progressive skins also yields schematics. When you salvage a progressive skin, you receive schematics along with other materials. This provides a direct way to obtain schematics for upgrading your skins.

Buying with Scraps: Players can purchase schematics getting scrap, which are obtained by dismantling duplicate items or unwanted cosmetics. This option allows players to acquire schematics without relying solely on luck from crates.

By utilizing these methods, PUBG players can effectively collect schematics to enhance their progressive skins and customize their gaming experience.

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