Palworld: Where to Get Pal Fluids

Pal fluids are essential resources in Palworld, particularly for constructing structures like Hot Springs. Here’s where you can find them:

Water Pals Areas: Look for Water-type Pals, usually denoted by a water icon over their heads. These Pals are typically found near bodies of water such as rivers, beaches, and waterways.

Habitat Populated Areas: Head to well-populated areas within the habitats of Water Pals. These areas are likely to have a higher concentration of Water-type Pals, increasing your chances of obtaining pal fluids quickly.

Specific Pals Drops: Pal fluids are known to drop from specific types of Pals. When you encounter these Pals, either capture or defeat them to obtain pal fluids as loot. These Pals are crucial for obtaining this resource.

Beach and River Exploration: Explore beaches, riversides, and other water-related areas on the map. Pal fluids can often be found near these locations, as they are closely associated with Water-type Pals.

By focusing your efforts on these locations and strategies, you’ll be able to gather pal fluids efficiently and progress in your endeavors within Palworld.

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