Saints Row: How to Unlock More Ventures

In “Saints Row,” ventures play a crucial role in expanding your criminal empire and unlocking new opportunities. Here’s a guide on how to unlock more ventures in the game:

Complete Main Story Missions: Progress through the main story missions, particularly focusing on completing the mission “Networking”. This mission is pivotal for unlocking the ability to establish ventures.

Build Ventures: As you advance through the game, prioritize building and completing ventures. Each venture contributes to your Empire Tier, allowing you to unlock more ventures and expand your operations.

Complete All Story Missions and Ventures: To unlock additional ventures, ensure you’ve completed all story missions and built all 14 criminal ventures. Once these requirements are met, you’ll gain access to new ventures and opportunities.

Empire Table: Utilize the Empire Table to manage and expand your ventures. Building more ventures and completing them successfully will lead to unlocking further ventures.

By following these steps and actively engaging in the game’s missions and ventures, you can progressively unlock more ventures and establish a dominant criminal empire in “Saints Row.”

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