Palworld: Where to Build Your First Base

When starting your journey in Palworld, choosing the right location for your first base is crucial for your survival and progression. Here are some considerations and recommended locations:

Windswept Plateau

This area is often suggested as the best beginner base location. It offers a relatively safe starting point with access to essential resources like wood and stone.

Nearby Resources

Look for areas abundant in natural resources such as wood, stone, and water. Being close to these materials will make gathering and crafting easier, especially in the early stages of the game.

Strategic Positioning

Consider the proximity to key landmarks, such as dungeons or areas with high Pal activity. Placing your base near valuable resources or strategic points can provide advantages in exploration and combat.


Ensure that your chosen location is easily accessible and not too remote. Having nearby transportation options or being close to fast travel points can save time and effort in traveling to and from your base.

Terrain and Environment:

Pay attention to the terrain and environmental factors. Avoid areas prone to extreme weather conditions or frequent enemy encounters. A relatively flat and open area is ideal for building your first base.

By considering these factors and scouting the landscape, you can find the perfect location to establish your first base in Palworld, setting the foundation for your adventures ahead.

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