Palworld: How to Get Ancient Technology Points

In the gaming realm of Palworld, Ancient Technology Points play a crucial role in advancing your technological capabilities. Here’s how you can acquire these points:

Defeat Syndicate Bosses

he primary method to earn Ancient Technology Points is by defeating Syndicate bosses scattered across the game world. Each defeated boss rewards you with Ancient Technology Points, allowing you to progress.

Defeat Dungeon Bosses

Alongside Syndicate bosses, dungeon bosses also grant Ancient Technology Points when defeated for the first time. Exploring dungeons and conquering their bosses is another effective way to accumulate these points.

Unlock New Equipment:

Ancient Technology Points are essential for unlocking blueprints to craft vital equipment such as egg incubators and feed bags. Ensure you collect enough points to access these crucial technological advancements.

By strategically defeating bosses and utilizing the rewards, you can amass Ancient Technology Points and unlock advanced equipment to thrive in the world of Palworld.

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