Nightingale: How to Apply Infusion

To apply infusion in Nightingale, follow these steps:

Obtain Infusions: Complete tasks like Bastille Challenges or help NPCs to acquire Infusions.

Unlock Simple Enchanter’s Focus: Complete the first Site of Power to unlock the schematic for Simple Enchanter’s Focus.

Access Inventory: Open your inventory where you have the infusion item.

Right-click Infusion: Right-click on the infusion you wish to apply.

Select Candidate: Choose the gear or weapon that you want to enhance with the infusion.

Apply Infusion: Confirm the selection, and the chosen item will gain the effects of the infusion.

Remember, each item can only have one infusion applied to it at a time [4]. Ensure to strategize and choose the most suitable infusion for your gear or weapon to maximize its benefits.

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