Nightingale: How to Get T1 Essence

To acquire T1 Essence in Nightingale, follow these methods:

Release Hope Echoes: After clearing each floor, release the Hope Echoes that spawn. This action is essential for gathering T1 Essence.

Extract Unneeded Resources: Utilize the “Extract” option on resources you don’t need. This can yield T1 Essence.

Collect Enemy Drops: Defeated enemies may drop T1 Essence, so be sure to collect it from fallen foes.

Search Treasure Chests: Explore the game world and open treasure chests to potentially find T1 Essence among other valuable items.

Complete POI Tasks: Participate in special tasks at Points of Interest (POIs), such as the Fae Tower, which rewards T1 Essence upon completion.

By actively engaging with the game’s mechanics and exploring various locations, you can gather T1 Essence to progress in Nightingale.

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