Fortnite: Where to Find Cardboard Box

In the latest collaboration with Metal Gear Solid, Fortnite has introduced the iconic Cardboard Box item, allowing players to stealthily navigate the battlefield. But where exactly can you find this elusive item?

Solid Snake’s Island

One of the primary locations to acquire the Cardboard Box is Solid Snake’s island, located on the north coast of the Fortnite map. Here, players can purchase the Cardboard Box from Solid Snake himself in exchange for 100 Bars.

Ground Loot and Chests

Additionally, players have a chance to stumble upon Cardboard Boxes as ground loot or inside chests scattered across the island. Keep your eyes peeled while looting in various areas to increase your chances of finding one.

Northern Side of Lavish Lair

For a guaranteed way to obtain a Cardboard Box, consider landing on the northern side of Lavish Lair, a popular landing spot in Fortnite. Here, you can interact with the environment to secure a Cardboard Box and kickstart your stealthy endeavors.

Snake’s Hiring Services

If you’re feeling particularly generous with your Bars, you can even hire Solid Snake himself for 250 Bars. Not only will Snake provide you with a Cardboard Box, but he’ll also offer his expert services to aid you in battle.

With these locations and methods in mind, players can embark on their quest to secure the coveted Cardboard Box in Fortnite. Whether you prefer to purchase it directly from Solid Snake, rely on chance encounters, or secure it from Lavish Lair, stealthy opportunities await those who harness the power of this iconic item.

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