League of Legends: How to See Names in Champ Select

In League of Legends, the champion select screen is a crucial phase where players strategize, pick their champions, and communicate with teammates. However, there have been instances where players wish to view the summoner names of their teammates during this phase for various reasons, such as communication or familiarity. Here’s a guide on how to see names in champ select:

Reveal Extension

One method to reveal the names of players in champion select is by using browser extensions like “Reveal.” This lightweight tool enables players to quickly and easily view the summoner names of their teammates during champ select.

Old Champ Select Method:

Some players prefer the old champion select screen, where summoner names were visible by default. While Riot Games introduced changes to hide summoner names, there are tutorials available online on how to revert to the old champ select screen.

Community Discussions:

Players often discuss methods and workarounds on forums and platforms like Reddit and GameFAQs. These discussions may include tips on how to reveal summoner names in champ select or share opinions on the importance of this feature.

Official Statements:

Riot Games occasionally releases updates and announcements regarding game features and changes. For example, in a post about matchmaking and champion select in fall 2022, Riot mentioned considering hiding all summoner names in champion select, indicating their stance on this matter.

Player Feedback:

The League of Legends community plays a significant role in influencing game development. Providing feedback through official channels, such as forums or surveys, allows players to voice their opinions on game features, including the visibility of summoner names in champ select.

While there are methods and discussions on how to view summoner names in champ select, it’s essential to consider the implications and reasons behind wanting this feature. Communication and teamwork are vital aspects of League of Legends, and being able to identify teammates can enhance coordination and strategy during the game. However, Riot Games’ decisions regarding interface design aim to balance various factors, including gameplay experience and fairness.

Players interested in seeing summoner names in champ select have options available through third-party tools, community discussions, and potential changes in game updates. Understanding the significance of this feature and contributing constructively to discussions can shape the future of champion select in League of Legends.

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