How to Get Mythic Essence in League of Legends

Mythic Essence is a coveted currency in League of Legends, allowing players to unlock exclusive skins and other valuable items. Here’s how you can acquire Mythic Essence:

Leveling Up: Every 50 levels starting at level 150, players receive 10 Mythic Essence through the leveling system.

Hextech Chests: Opening Hextech Chests provides a chance to obtain Mythic Essence. While the chance is relatively low, it’s still a viable method to acquire this currency.

Mythic Shop: Accessible via the Loot Tab in the League Client, the Mythic Shop allows players to craft Mythic skins, Blue Essence, rare Seasonal Mythic items, and more, using Mythic Essence.

In-Game Events: Keep an eye out for special events and promotions hosted by Riot Games, which may offer opportunities to earn Mythic Essence as rewards.

By leveraging these methods, players can gradually accumulate Mythic Essence to unlock their favorite skins and exclusive in-game content in League of Legends.

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