Persona 3 Reloaded: What are all the ranks for the cards from Shuffle Time?

Shuffle Time is a pivotal mechanic in Persona 3 Reloaded, offering players the chance to obtain various cards with different ranks. These cards grant bonuses and abilities to aid in battles and progression throughout the game. Here are the ranks for the cards from Shuffle Time:

Rank 1: Represents the lowest tier cards, often providing minor benefits or stat boosts.

Rank 2: Offers slightly better rewards compared to Rank 1 cards, including moderate stat enhancements or healing items.

Rank 3: Provides more significant bonuses, such as rare items, skill cards, or additional experience points.

Rank 4: Offers valuable rewards like high-tier skill cards, rare equipment, or substantial boosts to stats.

Rank 5: Represents the highest tier cards, granting the most powerful bonuses, including unique personas, rare items, or significant boosts to various attributes.

Understanding the ranks of Shuffle Time cards is crucial for maximizing their benefits and strategizing during battles. By strategically selecting and obtaining higher-ranked cards, players can gain a significant advantage in combat and progress more efficiently through the game’s challenges.

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