How to Get Cannon on Runescape OSRS

If you’re looking to acquire a cannon in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), follow these steps:

Complete the Dwarf Cannon Quest:

To use the Dwarf multicannon, you first need to complete the Dwarf Cannon quest. This quest involves a conflict between the dwarven outpost at the Coal truck mining site and local goblins.

Retrieve the Cannon:

If your cannon is lost or stolen, you can reclaim it from the Dwarf Cannon engineer’s store located on the south ridge of Ice Mountain for 750,000 coins[5. Additionally, if you have the cannon deployed and don’t pick it up before leaving, it can be retrieved from the dwarf.

Use the Dwarf Multicannon:

Once you’ve completed the quest and obtained the cannon, you can use it as a ranged weapon. Unlike other ranged weapons, the Dwarf multicannon requires completion of the Dwarf Cannon quest for use.

Boost Accuracy with Tricks:

For an accuracy boost and additional tips, refer to comprehensive guides available on platforms like YouTube.

Now you’re ready to wield the Dwarf multicannon in your OSRS adventures!

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