How to Bind Emotes in FiveM?

In FiveM, a popular modification framework for Grand Theft Auto V, players can enhance their roleplaying experience by using emotes to express themselves. Binding emotes to keys can streamline the process, making it easier to access a variety of animations during gameplay. Here’s a guide on how to bind emotes in FiveM:

Chat Command

One method to bind emotes is through the chat command system. Players can type “/bind e [emote]” to assign a specific emote to the “E” key, for example. This allows for quick execution of emotes during roleplay scenarios.


For server owners or administrators, scripting custom keybinds for emotes is possible. By modifying server-side scripts or configurations, it’s feasible to create personalized keybindings for various emotes. This method provides flexibility and customization options tailored to the server’s needs.

In-Game Settings

Some servers may offer in-game menu customization options. Players can access menus to set keybindings for emotes without the need for external scripts. Server owners can configure these menus to streamline the process and provide a user-friendly interface for players.

Community Resources

Forums and community platforms dedicated to FiveM often contain discussions and tutorials on binding emotes. Players can seek guidance from experienced community members or contribute to discussions to learn about different methods and best practices.

Removing Keybinds

If players wish to remove or change existing keybinds for emotes, they can utilize commands like “unbind” to clear assigned keys. This allows for flexibility in adjusting keybindings based on personal preferences or server rules.

By following these methods, players can effectively bind emotes in FiveM, enhancing their roleplaying experience and adding depth to interactions within the game world.

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