Last Epoch: Where to Find Dungeon Keys

In Last Epoch, dungeon keys are essential items required to access various end-game content, such as dungeons and arenas. Here’s where you can find dungeon keys:

Monolith of Fate

One of the most reliable ways to obtain dungeon keys is by farming the Monolith of Fate. Completing timelines and defeating powerful enemies within the Monolith can reward players with dungeon keys.

Arena Completion

Successfully completing arena challenges can also reward players with dungeon keys. This method provides a guaranteed way to obtain keys, making it a popular choice for players looking to farm them.

World Drops

Dungeon keys can occasionally drop from enemies in the game world, although this method relies more on RNG (Random Number Generation). While not as consistent as other methods, defeating monsters in various zones may yield dungeon keys as a random drop.

Nodes in Monoliths

Certain nodes within the Monolith of Fate have a chance to drop dungeon keys upon completion. Players can strategically choose paths within the Monolith that lead to these nodes to increase their chances of obtaining keys.


Players can also acquire dungeon keys through trading with other players. This method allows for flexibility, as players can exchange items or currency for dungeon keys, providing an alternative way to obtain them.

By utilizing these methods, players can effectively acquire dungeon keys in Last Epoch, enabling them to access challenging dungeons and partake in thrilling end-game content.

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