Last Epoch: How to Respec Passives

Respeccing passives in Last Epoch allows players to reallocate skill points, enabling experimentation with different builds and playstyles. Here’s a concise guide on how to respec passives in the game:

Find the Respec NPC

Locate the NPC with the pink brain icon in-game. This NPC facilitates the respeccing process for passives.

Initiate Respec

Interact with the Respec NPC to access the respec menu. From here, you can view your passive skill tree and make adjustments as desired.

Select Passives to Respec

Choose the specific passives you wish to respec by clicking on them within the skill tree interface. This allows for targeted adjustments based on your build requirements.

Confirm Respec

After selecting the passives you want to respec, confirm your choices. Ensure that you’re satisfied with the changes before finalizing them, as respeccing is typically irreversible without additional resources.

Adjustments and Flexibility

Respeccing passives provides players with the flexibility to adapt their character’s build to evolving gameplay needs. Experimentation with different passive combinations can lead to more effective and enjoyable gameplay experiences.

By following these steps, players can effectively respec passives in Last Epoch, refining their character builds and optimizing their playstyle for various challenges encountered throughout the game. Respeccing offers a dynamic way to tailor characters to individual preferences and strategies, enhancing the overall depth and customization options within the game.

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