Last Epoch: How to Join Merchants Guild

In Last Epoch, joining the Merchants Guild offers valuable benefits, including access to trading powerful items and unique gear. Here’s a simple guide on how to join the Merchants Guild:

Progress Through the Campaign

To join the Merchants Guild, players need to advance through the game’s campaign until they reach the Upper District of Maj’Elka, typically in Chapter 9.

Locate the Merchant’s Guild

Once in the Upper District of Maj’Elka, players will find the Merchant’s Guild. This location serves as the hub for guild activities and trading opportunities.

Speak to Nama

Within the Merchant’s Guild, players should seek out Nama, the NPC who facilitates joining the guild. Interact with Nama to express interest in joining the Merchants Guild.

Unlock Benefits

Upon joining the Merchants Guild, players gain access to various perks, including the ability to trade increasingly powerful items as reputation with the guild increases. This access extends to the Bazaar, where unique and legendary items are available for trading.

Enjoy Trading Opportunities

With membership in the Merchants Guild secured, players can engage in trading activities, acquiring sought-after gear and building their characters with powerful items obtained through guild interactions.

By following these steps, players can seamlessly join the Merchants Guild in Last Epoch, unlocking valuable trading opportunities and enhancing their gaming experience with access to powerful gear and items.

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