Dota 2: What Does Nullifier Do?

In Dota 2, Nullifier is a powerful item that provides both offensive and defensive capabilities to the hero wielding it. Understanding its mechanics and effects is crucial for maximizing its utility in the game.

Active Ability: Nullifier comes with an active ability that allows the user to dispel and mute the target for a duration, preventing them from using items and teleporting.

Dispel and Mute: The primary function of Nullifier is to dispel positive buffs and mute the target. This means that the affected hero cannot use items or abilities during the mute duration.

Projectile: Nullifier’s active ability is a projectile that travels towards the target. Proper timing and aim are essential for effectively nullifying the enemy hero.

Duration and Cooldown: The mute duration and cooldown of Nullifier vary based on its level, with higher levels offering longer mute durations and shorter cooldowns.

Offensive and Defensive Uses

Offensive: Nullifier is often used offensively to disable key enemy heroes during team fights, preventing them from using defensive items or escaping.

Defensive: Nullifier can also be used defensively to purge debuffs from the user or allies, providing a temporary reprieve from enemy aggression.

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