Helldivers 2: What to Spend Medals On

In Helldivers 2, medals serve as a form of currency that allows players to unlock various upgrades and items to enhance their gameplay experience. Knowing how to wisely spend your hard-earned medals can significantly impact your effectiveness on the battlefield. Here’s a guide on what to spend your medals on in Helldivers 2:


Investing in new stratagems is crucial for expanding your tactical options. Consider purchasing stratagems that complement your playstyle and fill gaps in your team’s strategy. Examples include offensive airstrikes, defensive turrets, and support tools like UAV drones.


Upgrade your arsenal by purchasing new weapons or upgrading existing ones. Choose weapons that suit your preferred combat style and cater to different enemy types. Prioritize versatile weapons that excel in various situations, such as assault rifles, shotguns, and anti-tank weapons.


Spend medals on unlocking and upgrading perks to enhance your soldier’s abilities. Perks provide passive bonuses that can improve survivability, increase damage output, or grant utility benefits. Experiment with different perk combinations to find the ones that best complement your playstyle.


Customize your character’s appearance with cosmetic items available for purchase with medals. While purely aesthetic, cosmetics allow you to personalize your Helldiver and stand out on the battlefield.


Allocate medals towards researching new technologies and upgrades in the research tree. Researching advancements unlocks powerful gear, equipment upgrades, and additional gameplay mechanics that can give your team a strategic edge in battle.


Unlock and upgrade vehicles to bolster your team’s mobility and firepower. Vehicles offer increased durability and firepower compared to infantry units, making them valuable assets in challenging missions.

By strategically allocating your medals across these categories, you can optimize your Helldiver’s loadout and contribute effectively to your team’s success on the battlefield.

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