Dota 2: How to Deny Creeps

Denying creeps is a crucial aspect of gameplay in Dota 2 that can give you a significant advantage over your opponents. Here’s how to effectively deny creeps in the game:

Attack Your Own Creeps

To deny a creep, you must last-hit it yourself. This means you need to attack your own allied creeps when they are below a certain amount of health to prevent the enemy from getting the last hit and the gold and experience that come with it.

Timing is Key

Pay attention to the health bars of your allied creeps. Typically, you should aim to deny a creep when its health is below 50% to ensure that the enemy has a harder time securing the last hit.

Practice Last-Hitting

Denying creeps requires good last-hitting skills. Spend time practicing last-hitting in bot matches or in demo mode to improve your timing and accuracy.

Understand the Importance

Denying creeps not only denies the enemy gold and experience but also helps control the equilibrium of the lane, pushing it closer to your tower where it’s safer for you to farm and harder for the enemy to do so.

Use Abilities

Some heroes have abilities that can help with denying creeps more effectively. For example, Shadow Fiend’s Necromastery allows him to gain damage and attack speed from last-hitting creeps, making denying even more potent.

By mastering the art of denying creeps in Dota 2, you can gain a significant advantage in the laning phase and set yourself up for success in the later stages of the game.

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