Overwatch 2: How to Get Golden Weapons

Golden weapons are coveted cosmetic items in Overwatch 2, signifying a player’s dedication and skill in competitive play. Here’s how to acquire these prestigious weapons:

Complete Competitive Challenges

The first step is to complete the Competitive Play challenge, unlocking access to Competitive Play.

Earn Competitive Points (CP)

Play Competitive matches to earn CP, which are awarded at the end of each season based on your highest rank achieved.

Accumulate 3000 CP

Golden weapons can be purchased from the Hero Gallery for 3000 CP each.

Select Your Weapon

Once you’ve saved enough CP, navigate to the Hero Gallery, choose your desired hero, and select the Weapons tab to purchase the golden skin for your preferred weapon.

Showcase Your Achievement

Equip the golden weapon in-game to showcase your dedication and skill to your teammates and opponents alike.

By completing competitive challenges, earning CP, and purchasing golden weapons from the Hero Gallery, players can adorn their favorite heroes with these prestigious cosmetic items in Overwatch 2.

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