Helldivers 2: How Does Liberation Work?

In Helldivers 2, the liberation mechanic plays a crucial role in the Galactic War progress and the fight against alien invaders. Here’s how it works:

Mission Completion

Players undertake missions to liberate planets from alien control. Completing missions contributes progress towards liberating the planet.

Liberation Percentage

Each planet has a liberation percentage, indicating the level of liberation achieved. Players must aim to reach 100% liberation to fully liberate the planet.

Galactic War Progress

The liberation progress of planets influences the overall Galactic War progress. Liberating planets moves the community goal forward and contributes to the ongoing war effort.

Temporary Retirement

After fully liberating a planet, it is temporarily retired until it is taken again by alien forces. This retirement period allows players to focus on other planets and objectives.

Long-Running Mission

The Galactic War serves as the game’s main attraction, providing players with ongoing objectives to liberate planets and push back alien invasions [5].

Understanding how liberation works is essential for coordinating efforts, maximizing progress, and ultimately achieving victory in the Galactic War of Helldivers 2.

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