OSRS: How to Get Ecto-tokens

Ecto-tokens are a vital currency in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), particularly for accessing Port Phasmatys. Here’s a guide on how to obtain Ecto-tokens:

Complete Ghosts Ahoy Quest:

To gain access to Port Phasmatys and start earning Ecto-tokens, complete the Ghosts Ahoy quest. This is a prerequisite for using the Ectofuntus and obtaining Ecto-tokens.

Worship at the Ectofuntus:

Ecto-tokens can be obtained by offering bonemeal to the Ectofuntus. After completing the Ghosts Ahoy quest, worship at the Ectofuntus by using a Bucket of slime and Bonemeal. Each worship session grants you Ecto-tokens.

Daily Rewards:

Consider using the daily reward at Robin for gathering bones quickly. This can provide a convenient source of bones for worshipping at the Ectofuntus and obtaining Ecto-tokens.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to accumulate Ecto-tokens, allowing you to unlock various benefits and access the unique offerings in Port Phasmatys.

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