GTA 5: How to Get HSW Upgrade

In Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5), the HSW (Hao’s Special Works) upgrade is a sought-after feature that enhances the performance and appearance of vehicles. Here’s a guide on how to acquire the HSW upgrade in GTA 5:

Visit Hao’s Special Works

Firstly, locate Hao’s Special Works shop in the game. This shop is typically found in the LS Car Meet, a popular location for car enthusiasts in GTA Online.

Bring a Vehicle

To utilize Hao’s Special Works, you’ll need to bring a vehicle that you want to upgrade. Ensure that the vehicle is compatible with the upgrades offered by Hao.

Access LS Car Meet

Head to the LS Car Meet location on the map. Once inside, drive your vehicle to Hao’s Special Works within the LS Car Meet area.

Meet Hao

Interact with Hao, the owner of the shop, to initiate the upgrade process. He will offer a range of upgrades for your vehicle, including performance enhancements, visual modifications, and special features.

Select Upgrades

Choose the upgrades you want for your vehicle from the options provided by Hao. These upgrades may vary depending on the type of vehicle you bring and the level of customization available.

Pay for Upgrades

After selecting the desired upgrades, you’ll need to pay a fee to complete the customization process. The cost may vary based on the upgrades chosen and the condition of your vehicle.

Enjoy Enhanced Performance: Once the upgrades are applied, your vehicle will benefit from improved performance, aesthetics, and additional features provided by Hao’s Special Works.

By following these steps, you can easily obtain the HSW upgrade for your vehicles in GTA 5, enhancing your driving experience and standing out on the streets of Los Santos.

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