Nightingale: How to Split Stacks

Splitting stacks of items in Nightingale is a useful skill that can help manage your inventory and resources more efficiently. Here’s a guide on how to split stacks in Nightingale:

Access Your Inventory

Open your inventory by pressing the designated key or accessing it through the game menu.

Select the Stack

Locate the stack of items you want to split in your inventory.

Drag and Drop

Click and hold on the stack of items you wish to split, then drag it to an empty slot in your inventory.

Split Prompt

As you drag the stack, you should see a prompt or option to split the stack. Release the mouse button when this prompt appears.

Adjust Quantity

Once you’ve initiated the split, you’ll be able to adjust the quantity of items you want to move into the new stack. Use the slider or input field to specify the desired amount.

Confirm Split

After specifying the quantity, confirm the split action. The items will be divided into two separate stacks in your inventory.

By following these steps, you can easily split stacks of items in Nightingale, allowing for better organization and management of your resources

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