Best Ark Single Player Settings (2024)

Playing Ark

Survival Evolved in single-player mode offers a unique experience, but adjusting the settings can enhance gameplay and tailor it to your preferences. Here are the best settings for Ark single-player mode in 2024:


Set the difficulty to 1.0 for a balanced challenge. This setting determines the level of wild dinosaurs and the quality of loot drops.

Experience (XP) Multiplier

Increase the XP multiplier to 1.5 or higher to level up faster and progress through the game more smoothly.

Taming Speed

Boost the taming speed to 6.0 or above to reduce the time it takes to tame dinosaurs. This setting makes the taming process less time-consuming.

Harvest Amount

Increase the harvest amount to 2.0 or higher to gather resources more efficiently. This adjustment reduces the grind associated with gathering materials for crafting and building.

Dino Spawn Rate

Adjust the dino spawn rate to your preference. Decreasing the spawn rate can make the world feel less crowded with dinosaurs, while increasing it can create a more challenging environment.

Day/Night Cycle

Modify the day/night cycle to suit your playstyle. Extending the length of each day and night cycle can provide more time for exploration and building during daylight hours.

Resource Respawn Rate

Increase the resource respawn rate to ensure a steady supply of materials for crafting and construction. This setting prevents resource depletion in the game world.

By adjusting these settings, Ark single-player mode becomes more enjoyable and less tedious, allowing players to focus on exploration, building, and taming creatures without excessive grind.

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