Enshrouded: How to Get Shroud Wood

In the dark and mysterious world of Enshrouded, acquiring Shroud Wood is essential for crafting and progression. Here’s a guide on how to obtain this valuable resource:

Explore the Shroud

Shroud Wood can be obtained by cutting down trees within areas covered by the Shroud. These misty regions are marked on the map and are characterized by an eerie atmosphere.

Use an Axe

Equip an Axe to expedite the process of gathering Shroud Wood. Using an appropriate tool will increase your harvesting efficiency.

Complete Quests

Early in the game, there’s a quest that requires you to find a Blacksmith. Completing this quest may provide opportunities to acquire Shroud Wood.

Be Enshrouded

To maximize your Shroud Wood collection, become Enshrouded. Seek out areas enveloped in the Shroud’s fog to increase your chances of finding trees that drop Shroud Wood.

Look for Suitable Areas

Not all Shroud-covered regions will have trees. Scout for locations with ample vegetation, as they are more likely to yield Shroud Wood when felled.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to gather Shroud Wood efficiently in Enshrouded, enabling you to craft powerful items and progress further in the game.

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