Enshrouded: How Often Do Chests Respawn

In the world of Enshrouded, the mystery of item respawns, particularly with chests, adds an intriguing layer to the gameplay experience. Players often wonder about the frequency of chest respawns and how it affects their progression and resource gathering efforts.

Respawn Mechanism

Chest respawns in Enshrouded occur periodically, allowing players to revisit previously looted areas and find replenished loot. This mechanic adds a dynamic element to exploration and resource management.


The exact respawn time for chests varies, but it’s typically within a day or so of being looted. This means that players can expect chests to reset after a certain period, providing them with another opportunity to collect valuable resources.

Resource Farming

Chest respawns are crucial for resource farming, especially in the early stages of the game. They offer a reliable source of materials like Metal Scraps, which are essential for crafting and upgrading equipment.

Strategic Considerations

Knowing the respawn mechanics of chests allows players to plan their exploration routes and optimize their resource gathering efforts. By revisiting areas with high chest density after a certain timeframe, players can maximize their loot acquisition.

In summary, chests in Enshrouded respawn periodically, typically within a day or so of being looted. Understanding this mechanic is essential for efficient resource gathering and progression in the game. By strategically revisiting areas with chests, players can ensure a steady supply of valuable loot to aid them on their journey through the enshrouded wilderness.

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