Destiny 2: Why Are They Getting Rid of Legendary Shards?

Destiny 2 players have been puzzled by the decision to remove Legendary Shards from the game, prompting questions about the rationale behind this move. Here’s why Bungie has chosen to phase out Legendary Shards:

Economy Balancing

Bungie aims to balance the in-game economy by removing excess Legendary Shards, which some players have amassed in large quantities.

Leveling the Playing Field

By removing Legendary Shards, Bungie hopes to level the playing field for all players, ensuring that everyone progresses through the game in a more balanced manner.

Preventing Stockpiling

Some players have accumulated large amounts of Legendary Shards, which can lead to imbalances in the game’s economy. Removing them helps prevent stockpiling and promotes a more dynamic gameplay experience.

Gameplay Adjustments

With the removal of Legendary Shards, Bungie is also adjusting gameplay mechanics related to them, such as increasing the cost of focusing engrams at vendors.

Phasing Out Over Time

This decision is part of Bungie’s ongoing efforts to refine and optimize the Destiny 2 experience, with Legendary Shards being phased out gradually leading up to the release of The Final Shape DLC.

While the removal of Legendary Shards may seem drastic, it aligns with Bungie’s vision for a balanced and engaging gameplay experience in Destiny 2.

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