Destiny 2: How to Look Like Saint-14

If you’re a fan of the legendary Titan Saint-14 and want to emulate his iconic appearance in Destiny 2, here’s how you can achieve that:

Helm of Saint-14

Start by acquiring the Helm of Saint-14 Exotic helmet. This helm not only provides a striking visual resemblance to Saint-14 but also offers powerful perks for Titan players.

Titan Mark

Equip a Titan Mark that complements the aesthetics of Saint-14’s armor set. Look for marks with similar color schemes and designs to complete the look.

Armor Set

Assemble the rest of your armor set with pieces that resemble Saint-14’s robust and battle-worn appearance. Focus on finding armor with bulky and sturdy designs, reflecting the resilience of Saint-14 in combat.


Apply shaders to your armor pieces that match Saint-14’s color palette. Opt for shades of silver, blue, and white to capture the essence of his iconic armor.

Emulate His Style

Pay attention to the details of Saint-14’s appearance, such as his distinctive helmet ornament and battle scars. Customize your Guardian to reflect these characteristics for an authentic Saint-14 look.

By following these steps and paying attention to the details, you can create a Guardian in Destiny 2 that closely resembles the legendary Titan, Saint-14, and embody his legacy on the battlefield.

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