Skull and Bones: How to Get Monstrous Tooth

In the swashbuckling world of Skull and Bones, the elusive Monstrous Tooth is a sought-after currency obtained by slaying giant sea creatures. Here’s a guide on how to acquire the Monstrous Tooth:

Initiate From the Deep Contract:
Begin your Monstrous Tooth quest by visiting the Sea People Huntmaster at the Lanitra outpost. Acquire the “From the Deep” contract to kickstart your journey.

Slay Giant Sea Creatures:
To amass the Monstrous Tooth, you must engage and defeat colossal sea monsters. Keep an eye out for these formidable foes during your maritime adventures.

Farm Kuharibu for Monstrous Tooth:
A specific sea monster, Kuharibu, is known for yielding Monstrous Tooth. Engage in battles with Kuharibu repeatedly to collect more of this valuable currency.

Mark Locations on the Map:
Pinpoint sea monster locations on the map by clicking on them. Use the “Mark as Acquired” feature to keep track of your conquests and optimize your Monstrous Tooth collection.

Follow Step-by-Step Guides:
Various gaming guides provide step-by-step instructions on finding and defeating sea monsters to obtain the Monstrous Tooth. Consult these resources for detailed strategies.

By embarking on daring sea battles and strategically hunting down these colossal creatures, you’ll fill your coffers with the coveted Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones.

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