Skull and Bones: How to Get Gold Skull Rum

In the treacherous seas of Skull and Bones, obtaining the coveted Gold Skull Rum is a lucrative venture. Follow these steps to secure this precious commodity:

Smuggling and Hunting:
Engage in smuggling operations within Skull and Bones. As you progress in Smuggler Operations, reaching Rank 7 is crucial to unlocking the ability to refine White Skull Rum into the sought-after Gold Skull Rum.

Rank 7 in Smuggler Operations:
Progress through the Smuggler Operations to reach Rank 7. This achievement unlocks the refinement process, allowing you to transform White Skull Rum into the more valuable Gold Skull Rum.

Pieces of Eight:
Ensure you have a sufficient amount of Pieces of Eight, as they are required for the refining process. Be prepared with these resources before attempting to refine the rum.

Upgrade Under Smuggler Operations:
Gold Skull Rum is unlocked with the 7th upgrade under Smuggler Operations. Progress through the upgrades systematically to access this valuable refinement option.

By navigating the intricate world of smuggling operations and reaching the pinnacle of Rank 7, you’ll unlock the ability to refine White Skull Rum into the illustrious Gold Skull Rum, turning your maritime exploits into a profitable endeavor in Skull and Bones.

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