Nightingale: How to Unlock Antiquarian Card

To unlock the Antiquarian Card in Nightingale, follow these steps:

Reach the Antiquarian Site of Power: Locate the pyramid-shaped building, which serves as the Antiquarian Site of Power. Ensure you meet all prerequisites to access this location.

Complete Conditions

Before entering the Antiquarian Site of Power, make sure you have fulfilled all necessary conditions.

Climb the Tower

Ascend to the top of the tower adjacent to your first camp in the Abeyance Swamp Realm.

Craft the Card

Once you’ve accessed the Antiquarian Site of Power and climbed the tower, you’ll have the opportunity to craft the Antiquarian Card.

Use the Card

After crafting the card, you can use it to access an Antiquarian Realm by entering a portal along with a Forest Card.

By following these steps, you’ll successfully unlock and utilize the Antiquarian Card in Nightingale, granting access to new realms and adventures.

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