How to Get to Crandor in Runescape OSRS

Crandor, a small volcanic island north of Karamja in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), can be accessed by following these steps:

Start Dragon Slayer I Quest:

Players gain access to Crandor during the Dragon Slayer I quest. To begin, start the quest and progress through its objectives.

Enter Karamja Dungeon:

After completing the quest, access Crandor by using the tunnel inside the east Karamja Dungeon. Head towards the volcano near the fishing spot and descend into the dungeon to reach Crandor.

Alternative Method for Clue Scrolls:

If you need to return to Crandor for a clue scroll, catch a ride to Brimhaven or Karamja and enter the volcano dungeon. Proceed north through the hidden door to reach Crandor.

Fairy Ring Suggestion:

Some players have suggested the addition of a fairy ring on Crandor for easier transportation.

With these methods, you’ll easily navigate your way to the adventurous island of Crandor in OSRS.

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