How to Get Acid Lab in GTA 5

GTA 5 offers players the chance to dive into various criminal enterprises, including managing illegal drug operations like the Acid Lab. Here’s how to obtain the Acid Lab in GTA 5:

Start First Dose Missions:

To access the Acid Lab business, initiate the First Dose missions. These missions lead you through the process of establishing your drug empire. In the sixth and final mission, you’ll be tasked with securing the Acid Lab, marking the beginning of your drug manufacturing operation.

Speak to Mutt:

After completing the missions, approach Mutt near the designated truck. Mutt facilitates the setup of your Acid Lab. Pay the required fee, which is typically around GTA$750,000, to install the lab equipment.

Acquire Supplies:

Once your Acid Lab is operational, you’ll need to maintain a steady supply of resources. You can either do resupply missions by talking to Mutt when supplies run low or purchase supplies directly. Each resupply mission or direct purchase incurs a cost, so manage your finances wisely.

Expand and Manage:

With your Acid Lab up and running, expand your criminal empire by maximizing production and managing your operations efficiently. Monitor supply levels, fend off rival gangs, and keep law enforcement at bay to ensure the continued success of your drug business.

Following these steps will enable you to acquire and operate the Acid Lab in GTA 5, allowing you to immerse yourself in the criminal underworld of Los Santos.

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