Helldivers 2: Where to Find Bile Spewers

Helldivers 2 introduces challenging enemies known as Bile Spewers, which can be daunting to encounter without proper knowledge. Here’s a guide on where to locate these formidable foes and how to deal with them effectively.

Finding Bile Spewers

Mission Difficulty: Bile Spewers are encountered on medium-difficulty missions and above, making them exclusive to certain challenges.

Terminid Territory: Bile Spewers are a type of Terminid enemy, indicating their presence in specific regions like Turing in the Umlaut Sector.

Dealing with Bile Spewers

Target Weak Spots: Aim for the head and stomach of Bile Spewers to inflict maximum damage and take them down efficiently.

Coordinated Attacks: Work with your team to coordinate attacks on Bile Spewers, focusing fire on their vulnerable areas to quickly neutralize the threat.

By knowing where to find Bile Spewers and employing effective strategies, players can overcome these challenging adversaries in Helldivers 2.

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