Helldivers 2: What to Unlock First

In Helldivers 2, choosing the right upgrades and equipment to unlock first can significantly impact your gameplay experience. Here’s a guide on what to prioritize:

Orbital Precision Strike: This powerful stratagem allows you to call in precision airstrikes, making it invaluable for dealing with large enemy groups or tough foes.

Anti-Personnel Minefield: Another essential stratagem, the Anti-Personnel Minefield, creates a defensive barrier against enemy advances, providing you with valuable cover during missions.

Primary Weapons: Focus on unlocking versatile primary weapons that suit your playstyle. Look for firearms with good damage output, accuracy, and ammo capacity to handle various combat situations effectively.

Support Stratagems: Prioritize support stratagems like Healing Beacon or Resupply Drop, which help sustain your team during intense battles and ensure you’re always equipped for the fight.

Defensive Stratagems: Consider unlocking defensive options such as the Barrier or SH-32 Directional Kinetic Shield to enhance your team’s survivability and provide cover in hostile environments.

By unlocking these key upgrades and equipment early on, you can bolster your effectiveness on the battlefield and increase your chances of success in challenging missions.

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