Helldivers 2: How to Destroy Fuel Silo

In Helldivers 2, destroying fuel silos is a crucial objective in certain missions. These silos contribute to the enemy’s war effort, and eliminating them can significantly hinder their resources. Here’s how to effectively destroy fuel silos:

Locate Fuel Silos

Identify the fuel silos on the map, which typically appear as large buildings with red lights on top.

Hellbomb Stratagem

Equip the Hellbomb Stratagem from your loadout. This powerful ordinance is specifically designed to destroy fuel silos.

Call in the Hellbomb

Use the Hellbomb Stratagem to call in an orbital bombardment on the target fuel silo. This will unleash a devastating explosion, obliterating the silo and its contents.


Coordinate with your team to ensure the successful execution of the Hellbomb. Clear the area of enemies to prevent interference during the bombing run.

Repeat if Necessary

In missions with multiple fuel silos, repeat the process for each target until all silos are destroyed.

By following these steps and effectively utilizing the Hellbomb Stratagem, you can efficiently destroy fuel silos in Helldivers 2, crippling the enemy’s logistics and aiding your mission objectives.

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