Elden Ring: How to Use Incantations

In Elden Ring, incantations are powerful Faith-based spells that provide a variety of effects, from healing to dealing damage. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use incantations in Elden Ring:

Find or Purchase Incantations: Incantations can be found as loot in the world, rewards for defeating bosses, or purchased from vendors.

Equip a Sacred Seal: To cast incantations, you must equip a Sacred Seal in either hand. Sacred Seals can also be found or bought from vendors throughout the game.

Learn Incantations: Go to a Site of Grace and select the “Memorize Spell” option. Here, you can equip the incantations you have acquired, provided you have enough Faith to use them.

Equip the Incantations: Once learned, equip the desired incantations in your spell slots. You can then cycle through them using the D-Pad (up) to select the incantation you want to cast.

Cast the Incantation: With the Sacred Seal equipped and the desired incantation selected, press the corresponding attack button (R1 or L1 for right-hand or left-hand equipment, respectively) to cast the incantation.

Using incantations effectively requires managing your Faith stat and finding the right Sacred Seal to match your build. Mastering incantations can provide significant advantages in both combat and exploration.