Banana Game: How to Get Skins

The Banana game, a viral clicker game on Steam, has garnered attention for its unique gameplay and the skins players can collect. Here’s how you can get skins in the Banana game:

Regular Drops: Skins drop every 3 and 18 hours while playing the game. You simply need to keep the game running and keep clicking the banana to trigger these drops.

Skin Values: While most skins are worth only a few cents, some can fetch prices as high as $1,300, adding a lucrative aspect to the game.

Variety of Skins: The game features a variety of banana-themed skins with creative names like Moainana and Spacenana. These skins not only look good but also add an element of fun to the game.

Changing Skins: Once you obtain a skin, you can change your banana’s appearance by navigating to the game’s customization options.

Despite the simplicity of the game, the combination of collectible skins and the potential for monetary gain keeps players engaged and clicking.